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Iran, Afghanistan's Long-term Goals for Khawf-Heart Rail Route

 Iran, Afghanistan's Long-term Goals for Khawf-Heart Rail Route

MRUD NEWS—Iran and Afghanistan's Ministers, Mohammad Eslami and Mohammad Yama Shams, talked over the details of inauguration and operation of Khawf-Heart rail route via video-conference on 7 October.

The two sides discussed issues regarding operations, finance, insurance, training human resource, freight and passenger transfers, customs, technical, security and consulting issues of this project.

Eslami emphasized on the necessity of paying close attention to the details and different aspects of the talks as well as the contract for operation of Khawf-Heart rail route and mentioned that "we can set long-term goals for this rail route".

"The construction and operation of this rail route is not the whole agenda, but it is the start and a turning point for development of strategic relations that will benefit two neighboring countries", he added.

Khawf-Heart Rail route is 139 km long that link Khawf in Iran to Herat in Afghanistan as the second most populous City in Afghanistan.

80 km is located in Iran territory and 140 km in Afghanistan territory.

This is the 6th rail border in Iran. Once operated, it will increase and facilitate freight and passenger transfers betwen Iran and Afghanistan through rail network. 



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