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Zahedan Airport's Prospects as Regional Hub

 Zahedan Airport's Prospects as Regional Hub

Zahedan International Airport has the potential to become a regional hub due to its location on the route between Europe and East and South-East Asia as well as possessing standard navigation equipment.

The infrastructure in the Airport needs to be improved in order to accommodate a greater number of flights and wide-body aircrafts. Constructing the second runway is one such step that is going to assist in congestion and flight duration reduction for arriving and departing flights and increasing the number of domestic and international flights going through this airport.
The other important infrastructure unit that needs to be constructed according to Hassan Erabi-moghaddam, the General Manager of Zahedan International Airport is developing a new terminal for the airport. The feasibility studies for this new terminal and its Technical Block building with an area of 7000 sqm have been carried out.
Furthermore, due to Zahedan’s position on Iran’s border, and the provision of services such as refueling at a competitive price, Zahedan International Airport could become an attractive hub for airlines.
Other measures that are going to be carried out to position Zahedan International Airport as a regional hub are human resource training, improved services, and energy conservation (notably utilizing solar energy).

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