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Triumphant hat-trick: Progressive Transport Policies Continues

 Triumphant hat-trick: Progressive Transport Policies Continues

ATR crash on 18 February 2018 led Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Abbas Akhoundi, to the Parliament for impeachment and answering the questions of lawmakers on this issue.
The hasty decision for impeachment last week even before issuing an official report on the part of The Civil Aviation Organization and Accidents Investigation Commission raised doubts over a political impeachment rather than a technical one, similar to what happened in the last two impeachments.

However, the Minster confidently justified the lawmakers by reviewing his performance and initiatives especially his success in managing and attracting financial resources for infrastructural and renovation of fleets in a situation when the country faces limited budget. Finally he won the vote of confidence. Out of the 246 present parliamentarians, 152 voted in favor of the Minister which led him to remain in office.

Many professional associations particularly in transport sector, private sector, and economic activists expressed their support from Minster and his initiatives by statements. Bayandor digital magazine in maritime industries enumerated 6 reasons for parliamentarians to trust the Minister again:

 Drawing on private sector investments and diplomacy to finance projects and transport policies which in port sector will estimate to $ 270 million
 Prioritizing renovation of fleet
 Giving more opportunities to youth and women
 International approach in transport and increasing the capacity of ports
 Developing IT and e-government
 Aligning transport and urban development

In the preliminary report of Accidents Investigation Commission based on information recovered from black box, 'human error' was mainly reported as the cause of accident while final information still requires further analysis.

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