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The New Town of Hashtgerd Joins UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities

 The New Town of Hashtgerd Joins UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities

MRUD News— The New Town of Hashtgerd will join UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities on 27 July in a formal ceremony in presence of the member of UNESCO office in Iran and heads of Iran's New Town Company as well as the New Town of Hashtgerd Company.

Following the second international conference on learning cities in 2015 in Mexico, UNESCO decided to launch a global network of learning cities. The aim of this network is to upgrade lifelong learning and to increase the awareness of citizens to form learning cities through individual and social empowerment, economic and cultural development as well as sustainable development.

From the viewpoint of UNESCO, the learning city is a city that while emphasizing the goals of sustainable development is leading toward lifelong learning for all. Such a city  will mobilize all its resources to achieve comprehensive learning from primary up to higher education, to revive learning in the households and communities, to facilitate learning for work and in the working environment, to draw on new technologies for learning, to improve the quality of learning and to promote the culture of learning all through life.

According to the UNESCO documents, the mobilization of all resources, governance and participation of all stakeholders and political commitment and determination are of the main prerequisites for forming a learning city.    

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