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Tehran-Mashhad Electrified Railway Studies Finalized

 Tehran-Mashhad Electrified Railway Studies Finalized

MRUD News—The Managing Director of Khorasan Province’s Railways has been quoted as saying that the studies for Tehran-Mashhad electrified railway have been finalized and construction is set to begin in the next months.

According to Mohammad-Hadi Ziaeimehr, Mashhad-Neyshabur route will launch as the first sector of the Tehran-Mashhad electrified railway.

Ziaeimehr stated that the Tehran-Mashhad electrified railway project is valued at $2 billions, 75% of which is based on foreign investment from China and the remaining 15% is provided by Iran’s government. 

This project is expected to be completed in four years, given that all payments are met, Ziaeimehr further added.

The Tehran-Mashhad electric locomotives will have a speed of 200km/h, making it possible to travel the distance between two cities in approximately 6 hours.

12 percent of Iran’s 12,500km railway network, amounting to 1,500 kilometers, is located in the Khorasan Razavi Province; however, this province has the greatest share of passengers transported via rail in the country.

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