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Targeting Reduced private cars use as a Social Demand

 Targeting Reduced private cars use as a Social Demand

Commuting to work or shopping malls without private car may seem beyond reach in metropolitan cities like Tehran with all its complexities. But once accepted and adopted, it would be realized.

In the World Car-Free Day, by walking toward the work lasting for 45 minutes, it was witnessed that there are problems and hurdles for pedestrian traffic and their safety. Though, this does not imply impossibility of having a walkable city.     

On the contrary,  the walking iexperience led to this understanding that the realization of reducing private cars is certainly possible and we should try to remove the barriers to implementation of this policy.

We should turn this policy into a social demand and remain accountable to this demand.  Policy-makers, academicians, practitioners, urban managers, citizens and everyone who have the tool, should help to implement this policy.

Instead of criticism and neglecting private, professional, and social responsibilities, we'd better help the move to have walkable cities as Iranians deserve to live in safe and secure cities with their specific identity.


*Mohammad Saeed Izadi

Deputy Minister of Urban Planning and Architecture      

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