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Sustainable Development Prospects for Iran's  largest Oceanic Port

 Sustainable Development Prospects for Iran's largest Oceanic Port

MRUD NEWS—According to the Deputy of Maritime Office at Sistan and Baluchistan's Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO), Hossein Ebrahimi, from last week for the first time, 8 maritime operations including separation and docking of 200-meter long ship was carried out in one day extending simultaneous operations of 5 docks of Shahid Beheshti Port to second week.

This shows that Chabahar Port is claiming its true place among ports of Iran and region.

Chabahar Port with 30 strategic devices is one of the modern port of Iran in terms of equipments. These equipments have played an important role in the growth of loading and unloading operations and exports and imports in this Port.

He added that with the growth of export and import of freight from this strategic port, marine traffic has also been increased as in the last week we witnessed simultaneous loading and unloading of 6 ships in the Chabahar Port just when corona pandemic has negatively affected the whole world.  

Ebrahimi also added that considering increased marine traffic, improving security of pond, waterway and access canals of Shahid Beheshti and Shahis Kalantari Ports are among priorities of Maritime Office at PMO facilitated by installing navigation signs and dredging to access opitmal depth.  

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