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North-South Corridor to Extend to 4 European Countries

 North-South Corridor to Extend to 4 European Countries

MRUD News – The Head of the Transit Committee at the Railways of IR Iran Company has announced an agreement that has been made with regards to extending the North-South Corridor to include four more European counties.

Hossein Ashuri, IRI Railways’ Head of the Transit Committee has been quoted as discussing the latest developments in the North-South Corridor, stating that this corridor is going to be extended to Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Belarus based on an agreement made between Iran and Russia. Furthermore, transit tariffs reductions by 50 percent within the Corridor, as well as transit tariffs to the mentioned countries are announced.
The tariff reductions for the countries within the North-South Corridor were discussed and decided on in a tripartite meeting held three months ago in order to attract trade to through this Corridor.
Ashuri further stated that this Corridor and its benefits for trade have been presented to businesses in Iran, Russia and India in regular meetings.
The North-South Corridor was established fourteen years ago in a tripartite agreement between Iran, Russia and India and has been developed and promoted by both the member countries and countries located on the Corridor’s route.

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