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New Transit Cooperation of Iran and India through Chabahar Port

 New Transit Cooperation of Iran and India through Chabahar Port

MRUD NEWS—Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mohammad Eslami, met with India's Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss transit cooperation at Iran-India joint commission.

Development of Iran-India economic cooperation is raised at different levels and within the joint commission new agreements were reached for development of cooperation mainly for increasing transit.

Eslami added that the agreements will propel Iran-India cooperation in transit and transport. The focal point of this cooperation is Chabahar Port as the only ocean port of Iran.

During past years, development of Chabahar Port has been seriously pursued and the Port activities has tripled compared to last 2 years. Considering Iran-India relations, we still expect to increase the volume of activities.

Currently, Chabahar Port has 11 million tons capacity. However, its operation is much lower at 20 to 25 per cent of its capacity.

Eslami pointed to India's interests to Chabahar Port and added that the negotiations with India's Minister of Foreign Affairs were mainly on Chabahar Port. As with Indian interests in Chabahar Port and India's relations with Russia and Central Asia, it is expected that the volume of transactions will be increased.

Eslami also pointed out that part of these agreements are with Afghanistan. Last week, a trilateral committee was held in India in which Iran agreed with lowering the tariff for road transport of Afghanistan. Also India Shipping provided conditions for decreasing its tariffs that works as incentives for Chabahar Port.

The Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) has also provided facilities in this regards that with development of investments in Chabahar Port will be achieved. The aim of this agreement is accelerating the trend of developing the north-south transport corridor with Chabahar Port at its heart.

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