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Mahabad-Urmia Railway Inaugurated

 Mahabad-Urmia Railway Inaugurated

MRUD News—Mahabad-Urmia Railway was formally launched on 19 November 2019 by the President, Hasan Rouhani, in his visit to West Azerbaijan.

Construction and completion of Mahabad-Urmia Railway has been among commitment of the 11th Government that connects 5 cities in west Azerbaijan to the national rail network.

Maragheh-Urmia rail route is totally 183 km long. The first phase from Maragheh Station to Mahabad (85 km) was operationalized 5 years ago and 98 km is currently completed in order to link Urmia to the national rail network.

Urmia has particular geographical location as it borders with Turkey and Iraq and has access to Ashnoyeh and Turchin. Urmia is considered as the main link between Iran and Europe. So the railway plays an important role in economic development of the region.

Including strategic advantages, operationalization of this railway will save 5 million liter of fuel (equal to 50 b. Rials) and 120 b. Rials through reduction of traffic accidents, and 30 b. Rials in environmental degradation resulting from emission of pollutants.

This railway project has created more than 1500 jobs directly during construction period and 182 during operation period.

Also it has facilitated delivery of essential goods to the north west of Iran.




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