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MRUD's Message for Algeria's National Day

 MRUD's Message for Algeria's National Day

Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mohammad Eslami, attended the ceremony for 64th anniversary of Algeria's Independence (Algeria's National Day) in Tehran on 13 November 2018 as the head of Iran-Algeria Joint Economic Commission and thereupon read a message in this regard.

He pointed to the recent message of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria's President, for the anniversary of Algeria's revolution and said: "the secret of progress and victory of countries like Iran and Algeria that have a rich history in revolution and resistance against tyranny of foreign powers is adherence to their principles of independence, anti-colonialism, and the fight against corruption and injustice".  


Islamic Republic of Iran, as part of its foreign policy, has always supported regional and international peace and stability and believes that security should be maintained for all countries without discrimination and in the light of collective collaboration and multilateralism in international arena. Security of a couple of countries cannot be maintained by endangering the security of other countries. For this reason, we disagree with unilateralism, sanctions and imposing views to the interest of a country or a couple of countries, the Minister added.


He pointed to the good cultural relations and stances of the two countries on many regional and international issues like supporting Muslism across the world, and added that in the economic sector also the two countries have had cooperation in different areas like engineering, housing, auto industry, infrastructural and pharmaceutical projects.


The grounds are provided for expanded cooperation between the countries within the framework of joint Economic Commission.



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