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Iranian Ports in battle against Coronavirus

 Iranian Ports in battle against Coronavirus

PMO News Portal – Mohammad Rastad announced that 270 ocean liners have entered the country's ports since the beginning of the Iranian new year and states that despite the spread of Coronavirus and in the conditions where there are tense restrictions for economic activities, fortunately, the largest volume of operations are carrying out in the Iran's commercial ports, said the Managing Director of PMO.

Abadan Port

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to maintain the health of staff and clients, Abadan port disinfected the work environment. Disinfection of public and busy points of the three ports of Abadan, Arvandkenar and Choyibdeh, the passenger port of Abadan port and the entrance and exit doors of these three ports are being carried out continuously. In addition to these measures, printing and installing a warning banner in the open and administrative environment of Abadan ports, preparing and distributing educational warning brochures against the spread of corona virus is another program of Abadan ports and maritime management in the current situation.

Anzali Port

In order to disinfect light and heavy vehicles entering the port, the entrances and exits of Anzali port complex were equipped with a mechanized system for rapid piping disinfection. In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, preventive measures such as measuring drivers' fever and disinfecting trucks and trailers were carried out at the entrances and exits of ports in Gilan province. In order to maintain the health and safety of the personnel, all preventive measures such as training and distribution of sanitary equipment such as gloves, masks, disinfectant gels and alcohol were performed for the personnel of the protection unit.

Chabahar Port

The program for measuring fever and monitoring of people with symptoms at the entrances of Shahid Beheshti and Shahid Kalantari ports and the administrative buildings of this department was carried out and Fortunately, no suspicious cases of corona have been observed in the monitoring. Providing training to prevent and control the new coronavirus and installing banners in schools, Shahid Beheshti and Shahid Kalantari ports, busy places, welfare and administrative centers are other measures taken in this regard.

Shahid Bahonar Port

According to the plan, more than 2,300 passengers were transferred from Sharjah to Bandar Abbas by making six sea voyages, and all control and care measures were taken to prevent the spread of Covid 19 virus in Bandar Abbas port. Due to the warnings regarding Corona Virus, the necessary trainings for personal hygiene, environmental health, disinfection of the vessles’ environment, preparation and installation of banners in the area and passenger terminal in Shahid Bahonar and Shahid Haqqani ports are being considered.

Khorramshar Port

Due to the special conditions created by the outbreak of the virus, all activities and commercial exchanges of Khorramshahr port are being carried out under the protocol and safety requirements of the Ministry of Health. One of the most important measures taken in the field of maritime affairs in dealing with the outbreak of coronavirus is the face-to-face measures to reduce the commuting of ship-owners and representatives.

Boushher Port

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country and in order to observe all health issues, this port from the early days by attending the entrances and exits of the General Administration to conduct fever testing and necessary training to personnel and masters, also in specific time intervals. Disinfection and disinfection took place in the administrative and operational areas. In this regard, in order to maintain the health of employees, the department also provided sanitary packages, including masks, gloves and disinfectant solution, and distributed them among the personnel of the General Administration and its affiliated ports.

Amirabad Port

One of the most important measures in these cases is screening and personal and public health. Due to the warning of the international community about the outbreak of Corona virus and the connection of Bandar Amirabad staff with citizens and employees of foreign vessels, the order to form a team against Corona virus in Bandar Amirabad and mobilization of all facilities in coordination with Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences was issued to all deputies.


**A version of this article appears on the online version of Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) Website on April 6, 2020, with the headline: Iranian Ports in battle against Coronavirus . Available at: https://www.pmo.ir/en/news/49895/Iranian-Ports-in-battle-against-Coronavirus (Accessed: 15 April 2020).

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