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Iran's Leap to Develop Transport Diplomacy

 Iran's Leap to Develop Transport Diplomacy

MRUD NEWS—Iran Deputy Minister of Transport, Shahram Adamnejad, has attended the 20th anniversary of Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia (TRACECA) in Baku on6 December 2019 on the part of Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development as the head of national commission of TRACECA as well as Iran's delegation in this summit simultaneous held with the 14th TRACECA inter-governmental commission summit.

In this summit, focusing on diplomatic development of Iran's Transport based on promoting trade and economic transactions with the member countries of TRACECA and even beyond, Iran presented its proposals and initiatives to the members. In this sense, the main initiatives of Islamic Republic of Iran have been in three main sections:

1- The necessity of drawing on the key position of Iran by TRACECA member countries in providing access to the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.

2-Changing the traditional nature of TRACECA Corridor to an electronic transit corridor; considering that Iran enjoys transport infrastructures in all modes of road, rail, marine, and air as well as software features such as comprehensive transport systems and electronic exchange of documents and also the membership of Iran in credible Conventions including TIR Convention and TIR Electronic. So there will be an opportunity to exchange software and electronic experiences between the member countries.

3-TRACEKA will provide a suitable ground for joint initiatives of the member countries to invest in construction and development of transport infrastructures specially road and rail connections with the neighboring countries particularly Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia and development of Iran's ports. In this sense, Iran announced its readiness for this joint action to ease foreign investment in Iran including offering incentives to investors.

Islamic Republic of Iran has joined TRACEKA as the 14th member in 2009. Iran is the only road route for this corridor so it is of high importance in this regards.

Moreover, with joining TRACEKA, membership of Afghanistan and Pakistan is facilitated upon their tendency.    

Increased cooperation and convergence in the region, coordination of transit principles, linking production and consumption markets in the Central Asia, participation and investment of European Countries in freight transit, increased political and international credit, creating new jobs, and development of relations with the region are among main goals of Iran in joining TRACEKA Corridor.   


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