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Iran's Cargo Ship Behbahan Sank in Iraq's Umm Qasr Port

 Iran's Cargo Ship Behbahan Sank in Iraq's Umm Qasr Port

MRUD NEWS—Iran's cargo ship Behbahan sank in Iraqi waters on 5 June 2020.

The cargo ship Behbahan embarked Tuesday for Umm Qasr Port in Iraq from the southwest Iranian port city of Khorramshahr. According to PMO officials the vessel sank Thursday night in Khor Abdullah, a narrow channel that separates Iraq from Kuwait.

He said the vessel was loaded with construction materials and ceramics.

Initial investigations show that unfavorable weather caused the vessel to sink as waves hit the cargo vessel which pushed the ceramic load to one side of the vessel.

Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Iran Embassy and Consulate in Iraq has coordinated return of 4 survived crew and transfer of one Iranian who lost his life in this accident.  

One crew member has lost his life and two are missing.  

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