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Iran to Launch Amirabad Ro-Ro Dock

 Iran to Launch Amirabad Ro-Ro Dock

MRUD NEWS—Mohammad Eslami, Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development, has visited Mazandaran Province to oversee road projects of Amirabad and Rostamkola. In this region, a 20 km road project has been started that only one kilometer is left under construction and a also grade separation is needed along Garmsar-Incheh railroad.

In this visit, decisions were made for completing the remaining parts of this road.

Eslami explained about investments in the ports and added that "we are witnessing the increase of investments in ports especially Amirabad Port that is going to be free zone".

The strategic plan of Government is underway involving Ministries of Economy and Tourism along with the Ministry of Roads in order to follow up housing and employment issues in Mazandaran. In this plan, Miyankaleh is particularly prone to development as the first eco-park of Iran, he added.

Responding to a reporter, Eslami pointed to the plans for development of transit in Mazandaran and also the particular standing of Amirabad Port within the North-South Transport Corridor and stated that different transport modes should be complementary to each other.

Eslami also informed of a protocol signed between Iran, Kazakhstan, and Russia about Garmsar-Inchehbroun railroad as well as Amirabad Ro-Ro dock with the transport aim of export and transit of livestock and agricultural products.

Amirabad Ro-Ro dock will be operated during next months. It will fulfill, along with the road and rail lines, export of 6 million tons of livestock and agricultural products along the North-South Transport Corridor in Mazandaran Province, he informed.

Eslami pointed to joining Eurasian Union and said: "facilities are provided for investors and there is good opportunity for economic actors considering the preferential tariffs", he added.

According to Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development, all transit and custom burdens between Iran and the neighboring countries who are members of joint Conventions and  Commissions have been removed and Iranian fleet can transfer freights with common seal up to Europe and China.



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