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Iran and Russia's Transport Deputies Discuss Transport Ties

 Iran and Russia's Transport Deputies Discuss Transport Ties

MRUD NEWS—Iran and Russia's deputy ministers emphasized on the implementation of recent agreements between the two countries in the transport sector during the talk they had on 25 August.

Shahram Adamnejad, Iran's Transport Deputy Minister, has specially emphasized on implemenating  approvals of the 11th meeting of Iran-Russia's transport cooperation taskforce.

The two sides reviewed common concerns in multimodal transport, road, rail, air and marine transport to improve transit corridors, and commercialization of international transport routes synergically.

Moreover the following themes were discussed: Holding multilateral online meeting between rail authorities of Iran-Turkmenistan-Kazakistan-Russia, continued development and increasing transport capacities through the Caspian Sea including eastern and western routes of North-South Transport Corridor (NSTC) alongside Iran and Russia and third countries' routes, pilot transit of freights to Russia through Iran, modifying transport's tariffs, development of smart road transport systems, increasing continued passenger and air freight transport between Iran and Russia after removing covid-19 restrictions, development of cooperation with the aim of increasing the capacity of marine transport and freight transfer in the ports of the two countries.

The 11th protocol for the meeting of Iran-Russia's transport cooperation taskforce was signed on 29 July 2020 between Iran and Russia.





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