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Iran and India Continue to Cooperate in Chabahar

 Iran and India Continue to Cooperate in Chabahar

MRUD News—Iran and India are two strategic countries in the region and will continue mutual cooperation in energy, transport and investment sectors in Chabahar unaffected by the US pressures.

According to the experts, New Delhi's disregard to the US pressures and concentration of Iran and India on mutual cooperation in different sectors will be an achievement for the two countries.

India has stood firmly against US pressures to cut Iran's oil export and is seeking waiver for the sanctions in order keep its interests in Chabahar Port.

Last week, Washington exempted India from certain sanctions over Iran's Chabahar Port.

The exemption granted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to US sanctions also will permit the construction of a railway line from Chabahar port to Afghanistan, and for shipments to the war-torn country, like food and medicines, the spokesman said.

In addition, Afghanistan will be allowed to continue importing Iranian petroleum products.

In recent years, India has experienced increased growth rate and has addressed poverty, illiteracy, and public health in order to improve its future prospects as a regional and global power.

The Strategic port of Chabahar is the only oceanport in Iran in Oman Sea close to other ports in India. Therefore, it serves as the best and economical way for India to access the Central Asian markets as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan through the sea.

India is committed to $500 million investments for development of Chabahar and $1.5 b for construction of roads and rails namely Chabahar to Zahedan Railway.

Last year, India shipped two wheat freights to Afghanistan through Chabahar Port that displayed the capability of this route and expanded arrival of global fright just before the Post comes into full operation.

The first phase of development of the Port of Chabahar was inaugurated in December 2017.

The Port of Chabahar will decrease the cost and time of transport for exporting India's freight to other countries by one-third. It also will increase the trade between India, Afghanistan and Iran with regards to Pakistan's disagreement with India accessing its territory.  

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