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Iran, Syria Visit to Discuss Bilateral Cooperation

 Iran, Syria Visit to Discuss Bilateral Cooperation

MRUD NEWS—Mohammad Eslami, Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development, visited Suhail Mohammad Abdullatif, Syria's Minister of Public Works and Housing, on 25 November 2019.

In this meeting, bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the fields of housing, road and bridge construction was discussed. It was also decided to resolve the problems of the two countries in transport, customs, and banking.

The private and state companies of two countries also are negotiating over establishing a joint company in order to follow up future cooperation and re-construction of Syria in housing and civil construction.

The visit has been arranged to provide the draft of an agreement between the two countries in order to be signed tomorrow by Ministers. The agreement is supposed to facilitate private sector entrance in construction, building, and transport infrastructure of Syria and also to ease exchange of Iran's experiences in construction sector for  development and compensation of problems incurred by the war in Syria.  

This agreement is going to be arranged and enforced for five years and can be extended automatically.  Previously, before this upcoming agreement, the strategic documents had been signed which according to Iran Minister has worked well by now.

Eslami emphasized on linking Syria and Iran Banking System to facilitate upcoimg activities. "Reconstruction will create sense of belonging and friendship in the society and works as a torch, so we need to keep the hope alive among people of the two countries", Eslami stated.

Mahmoud Mahmoudzadeh, the Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction, Habibollah Taherkhani, the CEO of Iran New Towns Company, Danaiefar, the head of the headquarter for development of Iran-Iraq-Syria relations, Teimour Bashirgonbaadi, head of MRUD's International Office, Mazan Al-loham, Syria's Deputy Minister of Public Works and Housing, Director-General of Syria's Public Company of Construction and Maintenance, the Director-General of the Public Company of Roads and Bridge of Syria attended the meeting.

Noteworthy, this is the third meeting between Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development and Syrian Housing Minister and officials since last year.

Tomorrow on 26 November the private and state companies will visit in Iran Chamber of Commerce to discuss mutual cooperation and seek pracical solutions which according to Eslami will be a turning point in re-construction process of Syria.

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