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Iran, Kyrgyzstan's New Economic Cooperation Launching

 Iran, Kyrgyzstan's New Economic Cooperation Launching

MRUD NEWS—12th Meeting of the Joint Commission for Economic, Commercial, Scientific, Technical, and Cultural Cooperation between Islamic Republic of Iran and Kyrgyz Republic launched this morning on 3 December 2019 with presence of Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mohammad Eslami, and Kyrgyzstan Minister of Transport and Roads, Zhanat Beishenov.

Iran-Kyrgyzstan previous joint commission was held 3 years ago and according to Iran's Minister: "this meeting represented the determination of the two countries in developing cooperation and expanding exchanges".

"Fortunately, Iran-Kyrgyzstan relations are friendly and there are no limitations to bilateral transactions. Currently, cooperation in regional and international assemblies is proceeding smoothly and synergistically", Eslami mentioned.

Eslami pointed to the highest level of political relations between the two countries and added that with an agreement that is going to be signed today, the grounds for promoting economic activities will be paved.

He also continued that legal basis for the two countries cooperation is the 10-year MoU that had been signed by the Presidents of Iran and Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek in 2016.

Eslami further said that "today's negotiations and agreements are along this strategic document and we believe that with current level of relations, there is potential for reaching the turning point in expansion of comprehensive relations".

 Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development pointed to signing the preferential tariff agreement between Iran and Eurasian Union in which Kyrgyzstan is a member and added that the two countries' relations will enter a new phase as the 10-year strategic document between Iran and Kyrgyzstan and membership of this country in Eurasia's preferential tariff agreement can facilitate and accelerate the commercial and economic interactions of the two countries.

Currently, Iran-Kyrgyzstan transactions are $ 44 million.

Kyrgyzstan is considered as a good target for Iran for to export technical and engineering services especially in road construction.

Moreover, as Kyrgyzstan is landlocked, it can take advantage of Iran's ports. Thus the two sides are trying to sign the MoU for transit tariff between the two countries during this visit.

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