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Iran, Georgia Sign Transit MoU

 Iran, Georgia Sign Transit MoU

MRUD News —The seventh joint committee of international road transport cooperation for goods and passengers was held between Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic of Georgia in Tiflis on 29 January, 2017.

During the summit which was attended by Javad Atrchian, the General Director of Transit and International Transport Bureau; Davood Keshavarzian, the Deputy Minister and the Head of Road Maintenance and Transport Organization of Iran, and David Khutsishvili, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, the two parties emphasized on the development of transit and transport relations as well as bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

In this summit, the two countries signed a MoU to remove the barriers and problems of transport companies and trucks and to facilitate provision of facilities to them.

The two parties discussed multiple issues including road transport for goods and passengers, cooperation in transit and regional corridors, lack of adequate and efficient insurance coverage for transit trucks etc., Atrchian added.

One of the most important achievements of this summit is the substantial increase of toll-free licenses compared to the previous years. These licenses, half of
which will be granted to the Iranian party, will increase the commercial transactions and decrease transport costs, Atrchian stated.

Atrchian added that considering the importance of establishing six-party Corridor of Persian Gulf-Black Sea, the two parties will arrange required coordination for holding the expert summit to finalize related documents.

During the course of this meeting, the two parties negotiated on setting up the Ro/Ro lines from Poti and Batumi as well as tariffs and costs of these lines.

The Iranian delegation visited these two Ports as well.

It is worth noting that currently more than 9000 Iranian trucks carry export goods of Iran to Georgia through Azerbaijan or Turkey. Last year, this figure for Georgian trucks to Iran had been about 600 trucks.

Meanwhile, the representatives of TIR carnet from Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, including trade unions of international transport for goods and passengers, accompanied the Deputy Minister in this visit.

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