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Iran-Afghanistan Closer Ties with the Inauguration of Khvaf-Herat Railway

 Iran-Afghanistan Closer Ties with the Inauguration of Khvaf-Herat Railway

MRUD News – In the inauguration ceremony of the Khvaf-Sangan Railway, Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Abbas Akhoundi, emphasized the importance of the Khvaf-Herat route.
Akhoundi stated that with the start of this project, two and a half tons of goods have been transported to Bandar-Abbas Port and other ports in Southern Iran; making ease of access in the region of strategic importance.

The project that was inaugurated on September 7 links Khvaf in Iran to Heart in Afghanistan and 77 kilometers of which, up to Shamtaygh region located on the border has been completed and the remaining two parts (Shamtaygh-Jenow and Jenow-Herat) are located in Afghanistan.

According to Akhoundi, 40 kilometers of the Shamtaygh-Herat track has been completed and given the status of financing in Afghanistan, this section is expected to be completed quickly.

This region has the richest stone quarries in the world and has great strategic importance; therefore, in order to protect the environment, energy saving and safety, it would be beneficial to use railroad transportation. Furthermore, Afghanistan is land-locked and access to open waters can be carried out via this route.

The Khvaf-Sangan route is 14 kilometers long and is the first railroad between Iran and Afghanistan. The length of the route inside Iran is 76.8 kilometers, with four stations in Sangan, Miotk, Khoshabeh and Shamtaygh.
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