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IKAC Uses Disinfecting Machines to Combat Coronavirus

 IKAC Uses Disinfecting Machines to Combat Coronavirus

IKAC News--"Since COVID-19 has spread in our country, we have decided to disinfect passengers and transit areas every day. In this regard, we have bought three disinfecting machines for passengers, baggage and cargo in cooperation with Iranian knowledge-based companies (HHS), as part of a set of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus at Imam Khomeini International Airport,” said Mohammad Mahdi Karbalaei, the CEO of Imam Khomeini Airport City Co.

When passengers want to travel by plane in IKAC, they should pass check-in queues which are now being designed to provide a 1.5-meter distance between people at all times. Then they pass the disinfecting machines. This is the first time disinfecting machines are being using in Iranian airports.

Though many carriers have temporarily stopped flights or suspended routes to affected regions due to decline in demand, our airlines have started to adopt measures to help curb the spread of the virus through global travels by introducing measures like limiting in-flight services, disinfecting aircraft, equipping crew with face masks, and conducting temperature checks before allowing passengers to board planes.



**A version of this article appears on the online version of IKAC Website on April 14, 2020, with the headline: IKAC Uses Disinfecting Machines to Combat Coronavirus. Available at: https://www.ikac.ir/corporate/en/News-and-Media/News/ikac-uses-disinfecting-machines-to-combat-coronavirus (Accessed: 15 April 2020).

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