22 September 2021
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7th Monday sessions of the UN-Habitat in Iran

7th Monday sessions of the UN-Habitat in Iran

Monday، 01 March 2021 | Article Rating
MRUD NEWS—7th Monday sessions of the UN-Habitat in Iran will be held today on 1 March 2021 from 15 to 16:30. The session tends to "Improving Multi-Hazard Resilience of Health Facilities" (BEHTAB).

The sessions holding each Monday are in line with the goals of the National Committee and for synergy and collective wisdom in the cyberspace in two sections of scientific and introducing the projects of Habitat.

According to Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri, the secretary-general of the National Committee for UN-Habitat in Iran, these scientific sessions are part of National Committees' programs intended to proceed Habitat agendas for sustainable development.

 The sessions discuss theoretical issues and try to link them to practical and contemporary issues.

Child and youth-friendly cities, age–friendly cities, women friendly cities, disability-friendly cities, architecture, suburban settlements, energy, and climate were previous topics discussed.

Mazaheri emphasized on academic interactions and added that one of the strategies of National Committee for increasing the synergy and scientific strengths is development of communication with universities. Also another strategy is indentifying research priorities related to the human settlements and trouble-shooting for improvement of defined patterns in the National Committee and Habitat.



  • 7th Monday sessions of the UN-Habitat in Iran
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