24 July 2021
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Four New Provinces will be Linked to Iran's Rail Network

Four New Provinces will be Linked to Iran's Rail Network

Tuesday، 12 January 2021 | Article Rating
MRUD NEWS—Iran Railway Company will operate 4 new rail routes by the end of Sixth Development Plan (next year) in Ardebil, Kurdistan, North Khorasan, and Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Provinces.

With completion of the North-South Corridor and Chabahar-Zahedan Railway by Iran Construction Company as the key railway projects, the new above-mentioned routes will play considerable roles in freight and passenger transport.

Rail connection of Shalamcheh-Basreh, completion of Miyaneh-Bostanabad-Tabriz, and completion of Chabahar Railway are all predicted in the next year Budget which Iran's Construction Company will follow up and construct.

After connecting Iran's Railway network to Afghanistan, the financial plans for other cross-border railway connections to the neighboring countries are considered and predicted.

According to the estimations, 3700 billion tomans are the budget of the rail sector in 1400 Persian Calendar which is expected to be higher considering more allocations from other alternative sources of funding.

Currently there are approximately 11600 km main railway routes that will exceed to 14000 kilometers by adding passing loops and maneuver lines.

In terms of fleet, there are currently 26000 freight wagons, 2100 passenger wagons, and 900 locomotives in Iran's rail fleet.

By October 2020, 1200 freight and passenger wagons as well as locomotives were produced and renovated in Iran which were given to transport companies.  

This year, 521 rail fleets were operated within 8 phases with the value of 1156 billion tomans that has had 20% increase compared to the last year.  


  • Four New Provinces will be Linked to Iran's Rail Network
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