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Sweden’s Preparation for Cooperation in Iran’s Transport Industry

Sweden’s Preparation for Cooperation in Iran’s Transport Industry

Sunday، 27 December 2020 | Article Rating
MRUD NEWS—Sweden ambassador in Iran, Mattias Lentz, informed of preparation of Sweden Embassy to invite Swedish investors and companies to Iran's transport industry and added that this is dependent on Iran’s agreement.

In his exclusive talk with MRUD news, Lentz pointed to the presence of Swedish companies in different parts of Iran’s transport sectors from a long time ago and added that Iran is a major market for Scania and Volvo as they have played key role in renovation of commercial and passenger fleet in Iran.

Lentz mentioned that these companies are willing to resume their cooperation in Iran and they know the infrastructures and industrial capabilities of Iran. However, participation in road or rail projects needs formation of a consortium comprised of different companies in which the Swedish companies can participate as a part.

He explained that previously the Swedish attended in a Consortium, but the contract was cancelled due to delay in decision-making and they had to quit Iran.

The Swedish ambassador pointed to other possible grounds of cooperation between Iran and Sweden including optimization and increasing road safety and planning for production and replacing green fuels.

He explained that if Iran’s policy is based on cooperation, seminars can provide the ground for investment and joint activities.

Lentz concluded that cooperation between Iran and Sweden is dependent on the consent and willingness of Iran. In this case, Sweden’s embassy is prepared to organize presence of technical delegations in these sectors.

"Sweden’s economy is based on free market and the Swedish Government cannot compel the companies for cooperation. However, Swedish companies are familiar with the infrastructures and industrial potentials of Iran in different sectors and they are willing to enter for cooperation", he explained. 

  • Sweden’s Preparation for Cooperation in Iran’s Transport Industry
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