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Iran, Pakistan Inaugurated New Border Gateway

Iran, Pakistan Inaugurated New Border Gateway

Sunday، 20 December 2020 | Article Rating
MRUD NEWS—Iran opened the new border of Rimdan in Dashtyari County in the south of Sistan and Baluchistan with Pakistan on 19 December 2020 with presence of Iranian and Pakistani officials.

Mohammad Eslami, Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development, who attended in the inauguration ceremony of this border, called 'Rimdan' border as one of the important terminals for development of the east axis along Iran-India-Pakistan transit corridors and mentioned that: "Pakistan has 900 km road border with Iran. Pakistan has long been considered as trade partners in export and import of freight. The proximity of tribes and relatives in the two countries and their ties are important".

Previously, Mirjaveh border was the only official border between Iran and Pakistan for transfer of freights and passengers. Now with the opening of the new border of Rimdan, we are witnessing increase of these transactions particularly as Rimdan border is close to Gwadar and Karachi Ports.

Rimdan border was first launched in 2008 but then it lacked needed infrastructures for legal transfer of freight and passenger.

 Rimdan Border is 120 km away from Chabahar and 70 km away from Gwadar. This is the best route for Iran to access 37 percent of the world population in Pakistan, China, and India. The border dwellers in the south of Baluchistan, local cooperatives and Iranian and Pakistani traders have long waited for the completion of required infrastructures necessary for the transfer of freights and passengers.

This border have great capacity for the imports and exports of freight, travel of Pakistani's pilgrims, tourists, and passengers.

The operation of the official border of Rimdan in under-developed county of Dashtyari will provide great opportunities for employment, trade, and subsistence of the dwellers.



  • Iran, Pakistan Inaugurated New Border Gateway
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