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Better City for Better Life

Better City for Better Life

Sunday، 01 November 2020 | Article Rating
MRUD NEWS—Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mohammad Eslami, congratulated World Cities Day on 31 October.

The message of Iran’s Minister with the motto of “Better Cities for Better Life; honoring local communities and cities” is as follows:

“The last day of October commemorating the World Cities Day reminds us the importance and role of cities in livability on Planet Earth. In this year, we are celebrating this day as covid-19 pandemic has affected developed, developing and under-developed countries. This is indicating how our settlements are vulnerable and weak in maintaining citizens’ rights like access to healthy environment and appropriate housing.

In Islamic Republic of Iran, the necessity of preserving the environment for future generations and providing appropriate housing have been highlighted in the Articles 50 and 51 of the Constitution approved in 1979, a decade before it had been proposed in international documents. Also planning for expansion of cities since 1972 was addressed by the approval of Supreme Council of Urban Planning and Architecture. Though Iran has been facing great challenges in its way including 8 years of imposed war, sanctions, unilateral measures, and natural disasters.

On the other hands, the 21 Century has offered great opportunities namely efficient use of information technologies that can create new patterns of urban planning and management with increased participation of local communities and citizens that finally will lead to improved urban livability.

In this sense, New Urban Agenda and Smart City agenda in which Iran is among three pioneering cities in its implementation are entering the second phase. The agenda will provide an opportunity to draw and implement lessons learnt by Iran and other countries in an organized framework.

Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes this exchange of knowledge and experience, and I hope we can achieve sustainable urban development by successful implementation of New Urban Agenda and hence “better cities for better life”.




  • Better City for Better Life
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