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Iran's Message for 'World Habitat Day'

Iran's Message for 'World Habitat Day'

Tuesday، 06 October 2020 | Article Rating
MRUD NEWS—The United Nations designated the first Monday of October of every year as 'World Habitat Day' to reflect on the state of our towns and cities, and on the basic right of all to adequate shelter. In this international conference as a tribute to World Habitat Day, Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mohammad Eslami, reflected the message of Iran as follows:

Ladies, Gentlemen, dear audience and participants, in the summit of Housing for All

Honorable UN Secretary-General and Chief Executive Officer of Habitat

Today, we are honored to celebrate 'World Habitat Day' when Islamic Republic of Iran has been proudly elected as the Chairman of Habitat's Executive Council and there is opportunity to cooperate more closely with UN Habitat in order to advance effective measures.

I would like to congratulate 75th anniversary of United Nations establishment to the people of the world especially to you as participants in this summit. We hope we can have a world free of violence and full of peace and interactions, while moving away from coercion and unilateralism as one of the traditional paradigms of exertion of power through which a group has always decided for the world and witnessing a better environment with peace and friendship.

Housing is a critical issue and serious need of the human society which all governments are actively addressing it considering the importance of family and quality of life by giving priority to youth. In this sense, The New Urban Agenda as approved by Habitat Conference in 2016 can be regarded as a paradigm for Sustainable Urban Development.

It is necessary to deal with this issue carefully. Iran is situated in a diverse and rich patterns of settlement based on cultural, historical, and climatic conditions. From this context, Iran has always been the origins of rich human civilizations from which elegant cities have been shown to the World. These cities have special cultural and historical characteristics and can disseminate deep knowledge to the world.

Iran has always supported Habitat plans in its agenda and a new chapter will be opened for expansion of cooperation within the structure of new MoU for the period of 2020-2025.

Iran's Government will support activities of Habitat's Tehran office in using its capacities for sharing successful international experiences and Iran's experiences in human settlements and urban sustainable development.


Followingly, Ms. Maymouna Sharif, Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Program, thanked Iran's supports from UN Habitat plans and Tehran Habitat Office and mentioned that "unfortunately these days cities are experiencing new challenges as the centers of covid-19 pandemics which has made urban actors to encounter new experience of urban life that necessitate sustainable, long-term strategies.

Ms. Maymouna Sharif evaluated new agreements for cooperation of government with Habitat as important and expressed hope that the initiatives of Habitat Tehran office will expand implementation of effective projects by attracting foreign resources.

Ms. Maymouna Sharif invited Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development to attend the events of Habitat which is being held online.

  • Iran's Message for 'World Habitat Day'
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