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Iran's Zagros Corridor joins TRACECA International Corridor

Iran's Zagros Corridor joins TRACECA International Corridor

Sunday، 14 May 2017 | Article Rating
MRUD News—Zagros Corridor in Iran (also known as Corridor Number 10) is currently approved to join TRACECA (Transport Corridor of Europe Caucasus Asia), told Amir Amini, Deputy Minister of Resource Planning and Management in a summit to evaluate desirability and commercialization of this corridor.
The Zagros corridor as the output of 'Transportation Master Plan' links northern and western borders to Imam Khomeini Port. This 1410 km long corridor allows Iran to capture its transit and transport position in international trade from east to west and north to south along the routes of target countries.

Amir Amini pointing to the achievements of studies on Zagros Corridor told: "20 per cent of Iran population is along Zagros Corridor and they can be at the core of its development. The corridor enables trade for 200 million people along the Europe-Asia Transit route".

Comprehensive studies is currently carried out to commercialize this fast, reliable and economical route including 26 countries (as target countries) along the trade route of China to the West Asia and East Europe and the West, Amini added.

Zagros Corridor can play a significant role in developing the country in terms of industry, agriculture, tourism and trade.

By joining this corridor as part of TRACECA International Corridor, Iran needs to work on the custom affairs, clearance and goods import.

The Project had been partly financed by Italian ANAS through BOT and BLT. Other parts are underway by government investments.

  • Iran's Zagros Corridor joins TRACECA International Corridor
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