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IKAC Salam Terminal Construction Accelerated

IKAC Salam Terminal Construction Accelerated

Monday، 22 May 2017 | Article Rating
MRUD News – The CEO of Imam Khomeini Airport City has announced that the construction operations for the Salam Terminal are ongoing.

According to Mahmood Navidi, IKAC’s CEO, the construction of the Salam Terminal has been ongoing since last year and has been handed over to the Mostazafan Foundation to help accelerate construction.
Salam Terminal is going to have an annual capacity of 5 to 6 million passengers, increasing passenger check-ins and departure for Imam Khomeini International Airport to more than 12 million people.
Furthermore, the Imam Khomeini Airport City’s free-trade zone customs, located in the south of the airport, is expected to be launched by October 2017.
IKAC’s CEO pointed to the construction plans for Iran-Shahr Terminal at IKA, saying that more than 40 foreign and domestic investors have expressed interest in developing this terminal and Netherlands Airport Consultants firm (NACO) is evaluating their proposals.
Imam Khomeini International Airport is located 35 kilometers away from Tehran, putting it in a strategic position for passenger and cargo transit, as well as the possibility of becoming a regional hub for airliners’ overhaul and maintenance.

  • IKAC Salam Terminal Construction Accelerated
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