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MRUD's First 100 Days Performance Report

MRUD's First 100 Days Performance Report

Monday، 04 December 2017 | Article Rating
MRUD News-Following presidential report on the first 100 days performance report of the Government, Abbas Akhoundi at the head of the Ministry of Road and Urban Development similarly issued the first 100 days performance report of the Ministry in two sectors of soft and hard areas:
Hard Initiatives in the first 100 days of Government:
1. Completing the Railroads connecting Kermanshah, Rasht, Urmia, Khaf to the main rail network of the country amounting to 134 km.
2. Launching operation of 54 km Freeway (western freeway of Isfahan amounting to 14 km, part 1 and 2 Tabriz-Urmia Freeway amounting to 40 km)
3. Completing and utilizing 237 km highway and mainway with 9200 b. IRR credit (constructing 180 km. highway with 7800 b. IRR credit and 87 km. mainway with 1400 b. IRR credit)
4. 10% growth in road cargo amounting to 109 million tons and 12% growth in road cargo transit amounting to 2 million tons compared to last year
5. 10% growth in loading and unloading freight in commercial ports amounting to 38 million tons and 25% growth in container operation amounting to 786000 TEU and 3% growth in passenger traffic in ports amounting to 3 million compared to last year
6. Constructing 20000 rural housings
7. Increasing the capacity and construction of 36 km suburban railway, improvement and renovation of respectively 29 km and 21 km railroads
8. Increasing 15 passenger wagons and 73 cargo wagons
9. 21% growth in rail cargo transport amounting to 12 million tons and 86% growth in rail transit amounting to 382000 tons and 5% growth in passenger traffic in rail network amounting to 5 million compared to the last year
10. 20% growth in flight pass over Iran's sky amounting to 118000 flights compared to the last year
11. 5% growth in departure/arrival of passengers in Iran's airports amounting to 17 million compared to the last year

Soft Initiatives in the first 100 days of Government:
1. Transport Development Fund: Compiling the final Statute taking suggestions of affiliated organizations into account in order to be presented to the Cabinet
2. Airport Infrastructures: developing and completing Shiraz International Airport and Mashhad International Airport by receiving approval of the Cabinet and identifying intended investors
3. Investment Contracts for Freeways including: Ardakan-Mehriz Freeway, Eastern Bypass of Sirjan, part 3 of Eastern Bypass of Isfahan, Lamard-Parsian Freeway, and Northern Bypass of Arak (Salafchegan-Khorramabad-Arak)
4. Investment in the Rail Sectors: receiving approval of the Cabinet for construction of Sirjan-Kerman Railway
5. Investment in the port sector: increasing the capacity of freight transfer to 7.1 million TEU and 5.3 million TEU respectively in Phase 1 and Phase 2 Shahid Rajaee Port amounting to $ 30 million
6. Providing Feasibility Study Report to implement new payment systems (ETC) at 471 toll gate of Iran's freeway network.
7. Presenting housing plan for old and disturbed areas including its needed instruments to the Plan and Budget Organization and Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran
8. Providing the joint program of National Regeneration Organization and Supreme Council of Urban Planning and Architecture
9. Compiling the joint operational plan for target neighborhoods of regeneration (2700 neighborhoods for 10 years) and presenting to National Regeneration Organization
10. Improving, completing and delivering 360 housing units to the households with at least 2 disabled.
11. Running 34 research projects

  • MRUD's First 100 Days Performance Report
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