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12 Strategic Achievements of Qatar Visit to Iran

12 Strategic Achievements of Qatar Visit to Iran

Tuesday، 01 May 2018 | Article Rating
MRUD News—a high-level delegation from Qatar visited Iran for seven days to discuss joint cooperation in ports and maritime transport.

The visit, which started on Monday, April 9, 2018, has been an opportunity for both parties to assess their current cooperation and trade and aim to develop them further.

In the past decade, the trade balance between the two countries has been fluctuating between +5 to +143 million dollars; however, it reached an all-time high in 2017, with an amount of +$148 millions according to statistics provided by Trade Promotion Organization of Iran.

This has created a greater willingness in Qatari managers within all sectors, especially transport and maritime transport, to solidify ties with Iran and increase trade.

Cooperation between the two countries is going to span many different areas: coastal and maritime tourism in the Persian Gulf; reducing port tariffs; academic support for developing ports; attracting investment and developing infrastructures, which will in the long run result in reducing unemployment and boost economic growth.

The achievements of this visit can be summarized as follows:

1- Qatar’s long-term strategic plan for its participation
2- Connecting Qatari ports to Southern Iran ports based on their line of activity
3- Investing in Iran’s Khorramshahr Port
4- Revising tariffs for Iran and Qatar ports
5- Holding summits on opportunities and trade capacity
6- Cooperation on maritime rescue and identification of seafarers' certificates of competency
7- Facilitating trade between Qatar and Iran’s ports of Shahid Rajaii, Khorramshahr and Imam Khomieni
8- Signing joint ports MoU between Shahid Rajaii Port and Hamad Port
9- Formulating Executive Plan for Promoting Trade Relations between Qatar and Khorramshahr Port
10- Bandar –e Negin Port ready to attract Qatari investors
11- Establishing regular sea lanes between Iran and Qatar
12- Using Iranian ships for return cargo

Qatari authorities have expressed interest to invest in and develop Iranian ports due their great potential.

  • 12 Strategic Achievements of Qatar Visit to Iran
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