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New Tariffs for Ships and Port Services Announced

New Tariffs for Ships and Port Services Announced

Sunday، 29 April 2018 | Article Rating
MRUD News—Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) has announced new tariffs for ships and cargo, as well as changes that can encourage rail transport.

PMO has announced new tariffs based on Iranian Parliament’s law of “Accelerating the discharge and loading of ships in ports of the country” ratified on May 24, 2016 and amended on February 17, 2018; as well as other applicable laws, in order to contribute to the competitiveness of ports and maritime services in the region, improve exports and reduce the final cost of imported goods.


Tariff changes for ships:

-          Reduction in berth dues by 10.5 percent in Southern Iran ports;

-          A discount of 30 percent for ships that are loaded with return cargo after unloading

-          A discount of 50 percent (max) for dredging services;

-          Reduction in storage demand fees by 10 to 24 percent; that is, from $6.6 to $5 for 15:00 to 19:00 and from $11 to $10 for 19:00 to 7:00;

-          A discount of 70 percent for ro/ro and in-transit vessels carrying goods and passengers on the condition of existing agreements for regular arrivals into Bushehr Port;

-          Elimination of sludge fees for oil tankers which will result in 20 percent reduction of total fees for oil tankers;

-          A discount of up to 80 percent for administrative fees and dues for liner vessels in the Shahid Beheshti Port of Chabahar on the condition of fulfilling terms of contracts and agreements.


Tariff changes for non-containerized goods:

-          Up to 10 percent discount for port fees, including cooling and cargo lifting in order to increase the competitiveness of bulk dry minerals’ exporters (minerals with a lower value in global markets, such as lime, gypsum, clinker powder, iron ore, etc.);

-          Compiling and formulating storage tariffs for minerals (bulk or otherwise) in Iran’s ports with the aim of reducing storage costs for importers and exporters, reducing the shelf-life of goods, and increasing ports’ productivity through progressive tariffs, establishing unified procedures for fee payment in Iran’s ports;

-          Improving the status of obtaining regulatory fees and issuing documents in the ports of the country by establishing appropriate tariffs and cost reduction for cargo owners;

-          A discount of 50 to 70 percent for cooling, cargo lifting, and storage services as well as a discount of 55 to 100 percent in SEZs fees for forwarders that have more than 75,000 tons of cargo loading and unloading in each port, with the aim of transiting non-containerized goods.


Tariff changes for containerized goods:

-          Establishing tariff-free services, such as staffing tariffs;

-          Reduction of domestic transship container MOVEs (5000 to 4000 MOVE) in order to improve transship performance;

-          A discount of up to 65 percent in storage costs, and up to 100 percent in SEZ fees for forwarders that have more than 20,000 TEU of cargo loading and unloading in each port, with the aim of increasing containerized goods’ transit


 Furthermore, a 50 percent discount in general and infrastructural services fees in SEZs as well as an extension of storage fees exemption from 5 to 10 days for goods transported via rail have been foreseen as incentives for transporting cargo via rail.

These fees are applicable until further notice.

  • New Tariffs for Ships and Port Services Announced
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