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Iran, Uzbekistan Expected to Reduce Transit Toll Rate

Iran, Uzbekistan Expected to Reduce Transit Toll Rate

Wednesday، 24 June 2020 | Article Rating
MRUD NEWS—Iran Deputy Minister of Transport, Shahram Adamnejad, met with Uzbekistan Ambassador in Iran, Bakhodir Abdullaev, on 22 June 2020 to discuss strategies to increase bilateral cooperation in transport sector.

"Iran and Uzbekistan have efficient transport relations with each other; even covid-19 could not negatively affect the relations and still we can further increase freight transits between the two countries", said Adamnejad.

Iran Deputy Minister of Transport proposed signing the agreement for health protocols and said "after the outbreak of covid-19, we signed agreements for health protocols with the neighboring countries and hereby we announce our preparedness to do the same with Uzbekistan".  

The proposal had been welcome by Bakhodir Abdullaev.

On signing the new agreement in road transport sector to decrease mutual tolls, it was agreed that within next two weeks a video conference meeting will be held by the heads of Road Transport Organizations of Iran and Uzbekistan in which the two sides would discuss possibilities of transit with the minimum costs.

In this regards, the necessity of reducing the tolls was emphasized. In this sense, Adamnejad explained that "the tolls taken from the transit drivers had been a problem that existed for a long time between the two countries and we are prepared to resolve this barrier before long. Moreover, the toll rate should be the same and equal for both sides".

Iran Deputy Transport Minister pointed to the trilateral agreement between Iran-Uzbekistan-Afghanistan that has been expired for about four years and said: "for us to activate alternative routes between countries, we need to re-extend the agreement. Although the content of this agreement had been limited to road sector; however, we need to revise it to include the rail sector as well. Uzbekistan Ambassador accepted the proposal and he decided to share with the authorities of his country, and will discuss its result in the following trilateral video-conference meeting.

Bakhodir Abdullaev, Uzbekistan Embassador to Iran, called for development of transport up to Chabahar Port, which had been welcome by Iran Deputy Transport Minister. He added that Iran agrees that Uzbekistan would have its own exclusive space for unloading freight in Chabahar Port and hence we are ready to provide needed facilities for them.

In the end, as per previous agreement, Uzbek side needs to visit the site in the Chabahar Port in order to discuss it further with the Ports and Maritime Organizations of Iran.  



  • Iran, Uzbekistan Expected to Reduce Transit Toll Rate
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