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Head of Iran Meteorological Organization among Female Leaders of WMO Community

 Head of Iran Meteorological Organization among Female Leaders of WMO Community

MRUD NEWS—The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has nominated Sahar Tajbakhsh Mosalman, current head of Iran Meteorological Organization, as the new member of Female Leaders of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Community in 2019 as mentioned in the report titled “Women in weather, water and climate”.

WMO follows this scheme as part of the actions to promote female role models in the WMO community. WMO considers the scheme worth celebrating and highlighting as the achievement of these female leaders, their ways to overcome challenges, and their passion for the profession can inspires new female scientists.

Sahar Tajbakhsh, Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, the head of Iran Meteorological Organization (IRIMO), and permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the World Meteorological Organization in an interview with WMO website in April 2019 noted: “Once I took office, my country faced whit unprecedented flood. My colleagues and I worked relentlessly to decrease human casualties. We participated in different radio and TV programs and we were preparing prior warnings to the people who were in danger. Science plays an important role in saving people's lives and properties.”

Part of this interview tends to Tajbakhsh's achievements. Dr. Tajbakhsh has more than 20 years of experience in meteorology. Iran faced whit unprecedented flood just after her appointment to the Meteorological Department. Tajbakhsh with her team published different warnings and worked tirelessly to reduce human casualties directly in contact with people who were in danger. She made this emergency to an opportunity to emphasize the important role of meteorology to other stakeholders and succeeded in increasing investments in early warning system in her country. Dr. Tajbakhsh published more than 40 articles and has given more than 50 lectures. She also has run more than 20 research projects at national and international level in aviation meteorology, climate change, climate hazards, and remote sensing applications in meteorology. She is a faculty member of the Iran Meteorological Sciences Research Center and previously headed the WMO Regional Training Center.”

“Tajbakhsh's passion for meteorology is due to her interest in physics. After her bachelor's degree, she continued to pursue a master's and PhD in meteorology, which in her view, is one of the most phenomenal branch of physics", the report further illuminates.

About her success and perseverance in front of challenges, she explains that: "When I started my work in Meteorological Organization, all of 31 managers in the provincial metrological offices, and 15 managers in Meteorological Organization staff except one person were all male. Later, I found that accepting this responsibility is not that easy for me when I was appointed as a manager because all men cannot easily tolerate female leadership in the workplace.”

Tajbakhsh believes that anyone can achieve everything with hard work and recommended to young female scientist in meteorology, or other similar fields, to have the passion and scientific knowledge and to be aware of the role that science plays in society especially concerning the protection of human life and property.

She also recommended participation and involvement in social activities and Media and emphasized on having self-confidence, discipline, and active participation especially in severe weather conditions.

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