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Boeing to Finance 30 Ordered 737MAX Planes

 Boeing to Finance 30 Ordered 737MAX Planes

MRUD News – Boeing has agreed to finance 30 planes of its 737MAX model ordered by Iran Aseman Airlines, as stated by the CEO of Atiyeh Saba Investment Company who is also the airline’s owner.

According to Vali Azarvash, Atiyeh Saba’s CEO, Iran Aseman’s contract with Boeing pertains to the purchase of 30+30 B737Max planes. The OFAC licenses for the first batch of the order are being issued and Boeing has agreed to finance all of these 30 planes, the first of which is going to be delivered in 2020.

Iran Aseman has the option of purchasing an additional 30 Boeing 737MAX jets at a future date as per the contract.

The US’ recent stance on JCPOA has been interpreted as affecting Iranian airlines’ purchases. However, according to Asghar Fakhrieh-Kashan, Deputy Minister in International Affairs at MRUD, any decision the US administration makes with regard to JCPOA and selling planes to Iran are not retroactively applicable and cannot affect licenses that have already been issued. Stil, it is possible that future licenses could be affected.

Fakhrieh-Kashan has stated that talks with Boeing to finance 8 of IranAir’s purchased jetliners are ongoing. ATR and Airbus have agreed to finance respectively 12 and 3 of their planes purchased by IranAir and in 2018, 3 more Airbus aircrafts and a number of ATR jets are going to be delivered to IranAir.

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