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Austria to Continue Investing in Iran’s Transport Infrastructure

 Austria to Continue Investing in Iran’s Transport Infrastructure

MRUD News—Embassy of Austria in Tehran’s Commercial Counselor and a high-level delegation including heads of investment and construction companies have met with Iran’s Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development to express interest over investing in Iran’s transport infrastructure, Iran’s Construction and Development of Transport Infrastructures Company public relations and international affairs has announced.

This meeting was held on April 11, 2018 and Deputy Minister Kheyrollah Khademi has pointed to Iran and Austria’s existing economic ties and expressed his hopes that the countries would cooperate in investments for railway and freeway infrastructures.

At the moment, 3,410 kilometers of railways, 1,170 kilometers of freeways and 500 kilometers of highways are under construction under the management of‌ Construction and Development of Transport Infrastructures Company (CDTIC) and this company is ready to cooperate with other companies in investment and funding, according to Khademi.

Iran’s Central Bank’s guarantees and incentives by the government for investments in infrastructure are important factors in attracting foreign investors and have resulted in various contracts and MoUs with foreign companies for constructing railway and freeway projects, Khademi further added.

The Commercial Counselor of Austrian Embassy in Tehran, Christoph Grabmayr, also pointed to the importance of developing infrastructures for countries’ economic growth, adding that Austrian railway companies have a high global standing. Grabmayr then expressed hope that Iranian and Austrian companies can cooperate.

Managers of Austrian companies presented their companies’ activities and capabilities in transport infrastructure construction as well.

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