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3rd Part of Khawf-Herat Railroad Project will be Launched on 5 November 2020

 3rd Part of Khawf-Herat Railroad Project will be Launched on 5 November 2020

MRUD NEWS—The third part of Khawf-Herat Railroad project as the first rail route between Iran and Afghanistan will be launched on 5 November 2020. It provides great economic opportunities for Iran and Afghanistan.

The third part is 62 km long in Afghanistan territory stretching from Shamtiq to Rozanak.

The operation will be launched by freight trains initially. The number of active trains is further dependent on the demands for freight and passenger. Later this rail route will be stretched to the airport in Herat.

Khawf-Herat railroad is 218 km long in 4 parts. Part 1 and 2 of this route is from Khawf to Shamtiq in Iran which is 76 km long. Part 3 is from Shamtiq to Rozanak in Afghanistan which is 62 km long. Part 4 is from Rozanak to Herat which its construction is now under consideration by Afghanistan's authorities. 

Transport development projects will expand and strengthen relations between Iran and Afghanistan as it is connecting two Persian speaking countries in the region.

Afghanistan can benefit the capacities of Iran strategic position for freight transit along East-West and North-South Corrido. Also through this route, Afghanistan can transfer freights from CIS countries  and Persian Gulf countries to Turkey to Europe.

This project dates back to 1970 when it was first discussed but later hindered. In the early 1980s and through bilateral negotiations and agreements, the project was re-proposed and its implementation was followed up as per an agreement between Iran's Ministry of Roads and Transportation and Afghanistan's Ministry of Public Works.



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