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3 of Iran’s Rail Corridors Feature on OSJD List

 3 of Iran’s Rail Corridors Feature on OSJD List

MRUD News – Bureau of International Affairs at I.R.Iran’s Railway Company has announced that three of Iran’s domestic railway corridors have been included on Organisation for Co-operation between Railways (OSJD) listing.

These corridors include Bafq-Kerman-Zahedan-Mirjaveh and Sangan-Shamtigh routes as well as Gorgan-Incheh Borun railway; since they connect Iran’s railway network to international corridors.

OSJD decided to include these three railroads in its listing of international corridors following the meeting of Transport policy and Development Strategy Commission on November 7-10, 2017 in Warsaw.

Bafq-Kerman-Zahedan-Mirjaveh and Sangan-Shamtigh routes are included on OSJD Corridor 6, connecting Middle East to Europe. The importance of this corridor lies in the fact that routes within Iran can connect Europe to the Persian Gulf.

Gorgan-Incheh Borun route, which connects to Turkmenistan, is also included on OSJD Corridors 8 and 10.

OSJD list encompasses 13 corridors in total, connecting various regions in Central Asia, Eastern Asia and Europe. The key Corridor 11 corresponds with North-South corridor which connects northern Europe with Southeast Asia, Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf.

Current OSJD plans for developing international rail transport and increasing member states’ competitiveness will be applicable until 2020.

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