20 October 2021
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• Provision of main infrastructures including road, rail, air, and sea transport

• Administration of transport affairs; establishing coordinated and comprehensive policies for it; developing, equipping, expanding and maintaining infrastructures based on the requirements of social, economic, construction, and national defense developments


Main Missions:

• To study, provide and regulate comprehensive and coordinated plans to determine the administrative strategies in transport and their enforcement
• To construct, develop, operate and maintain roads, railways, ports and airports
• To provide and regulate required regulations and standards for construction and maintenance of transport infrastructures according to the requirements and development of transportation vehicles and to supervise their enforcement
• To examine methods of construction, maintenance and operation of roads, railways, ports and airports
• To categorize all infrastructures and determine their technical and engineering specifications as well as determining organizations and agencies that should maintain each of them
• To determine specifications of licensed vehicles operating the transport infrastructures and to prevent operation of other vehicles in using mentioned infrastructures
• To examine international transport routes and the way to link with them and, if required, to propose bilateral contracts with foreign governments and institutions
• To examine the needs and identify total transport capacity of country in roads, railways, sea and air transportation and pipelines to provide plans and offer required recommendations to related organizations
• To build, maintain and operate the road, sea, and air specific connected lines according to the plans and needs of county’s transport
• To examine and propose pricing policies and peripheral services to other related organizations
• To determine the technical, economic and safety regulations and standards in road, sea, and air transportation and to supervise their enforcement
• To determine required regulations and standards to form, administer and develop active transportation institutions in domestic or international lines and to supervise their activities
• To provide regulations and bylaws related to issue the permission of establishment of branch offices and foreign transport agencies active in the county and to supervise their activities with approval of the Interior Ministry
• To determine required regulations and standards to regulate affairs related to the transport of government organizations excluding Armed Forces of Islamic Republic of Iran with cooperation of related organizations and to coordinate and centralize mentioned affairs
• To determine the regulations and standards and to adopt required policies aimed to encourage private sector investment in transport
• To examine the boundaries of transport infrastructure and to provide and regulate required directives to be proposed to competent authorities and to supervise their enforcement
• To examine the country’s needs in terms of Pedology services and to identify construction materials and to equip and develop related laboratories and to supply and sell services to the public and private sector through ‘Technical and Soil Mechanics Laboratory’
• To examine the country’s needs in terms of identification of sea, oceans and waterways and to identify, equip and develop equipment of required organization and supply and sell them to the public and private sector
• To conduct all meteorological services and to present them to the public and private sector
• To manage air transport of passengers and freight and postal shipment in and out of the country and to supply and sell services to the public and private sectors by Iran Air and Iran’s Air Service Company (Aseman)
• To lease different road construction and building machineries that legally belongs to the Ministry or are otherwise purchased from the Development Plans Budgets under contractor’s agreement in order to facilitate and develop construction services
• To provide the bylaws of infringement penalties with approval of the Ministry of Justice and the Interior Ministry and to propose required rules and regulations to address infringements of the transport’s regulations
• To arrange required technical and expert staff for proper use of equipment and new machineries
• To form research units to accomplish the aforementioned duties