| 31 October 2020
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Technical and Soil Mechanics Laboratory Company

This company deals with a wide spectrum of activities, such as:

  • Studying the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of soils and construction materials and products and determining suitable methods for such examinations
  • Conducting technical tests and executive controls of construction projects during implementation
  • Providing opportunities for scientific and technical research and training employees
  • Estimating, studying, designing, supervising and consulting in soil mechanics and  geotechnics
  • Formulating relevant standards in cooperation with Iran’s Institute of Standards and Industrial Research
  • Conducting research and applied scientific projects
  • Forming connections with domestic and foreign scientific resources for exchanging new methods and information
  • This company has offices in all provinces of the country, including 200 branches and 1000 units across the country and 1400 expert employees, and is the most equipped company in the fields of quality control and providing consultation services to construction projects and the private sector in Iran.
  • Website: http://www.tsml.ir
  • Tel:  +98-21-88007953-7
  • Automatic Answering Machine: +98-21-88007085
  • Address: No. 1464, after Jalal Al-e Ahmad Junction North Kargar St., Tehran, Iran
  • Postal Code: 1511644711