20 October 2021
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  • Directing and supervising the provision and regulation of comprehensive, concordant and strategic programs in the roads and urban planning sectors
  • Directing studies; examining requirements; identifying services, urban planning and transportation capacities; providing relevant strategic plans; and providing strategic and economic guidelines to related organizations
  • Leading and high-level supervision of necessary regulations and criteria; formulating required policies to encourage the non-governmental sector to invest; attracting domestic and foreign investment and cooperating in the roads and urban planning sector
  • Directing and high-level supervision of transportation information management and presenting relevant statistics in the decision-making, planning, supervising and evaluating system
  • High-level supervision of transportation and urban planning programs and projects and consolidating them into the framework of strategic plans for each sector; providing technical and economic expert opinions
  • Proposing strategic plans in order to increase the share of the transport sector in the country’s economy
  • Directing and managing Secretariat for the Supreme Councils of Transport Coordination and Transport’s Technical and Infrastructural Affairs; and Commission of Road Safety
  • Policymaking, planning and supervising the provision and formulation of regulations and safety criteria and necessary standards in the transport sector as well as advancing the road and transportation network safety and presenting them to related legal authorities
  • Examining and reviewing drafts of construction budget agreements in accordance with consolidated approved plans and presenting them to the Department of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs to be regulated
  • Directing and high-level supervision of all provincial units’ affairs that are relevant to the Department’s duties
  • Directing and supervising studies and examining medium-term and long-term plans in order to create and develop transportation networks
  • Participating in relevant commissions and councils according to legal requirements or as representatives of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development
  • Supervising the regulation and exchange of cost agreements and acquisition of capital and financial assets
  • Distributing national budget among provinces based on national strategies in the transport and urban development sectors
  • Coordinating and interacting with the Presidential Department of Strategic Planning and Control (SPAC) in order to exchange cost agreements
  • Supervising the performance and budget of projects in the provinces that use provincial or national budget
  • Performing other duties delegated by the Minister
The sub-departmental bureaus include:

Bureau of Supervision and Evaluation of Transport Systems and professional Associations

  • Examining and proposing policy implementations in technical and engineering matters related to transport and urban planning – such as: providing and formulating regulations and technical and engineering criteria for construction, development, maintenance and operation of transportation systems and infrastructures
  • Examining and evaluating current performance and operational programs in the transportation sector
  • Studying, examining and identifying problems and obstacles and discussing solutions
  • Identifying and effectively using transportation systems; coordinating and presenting solutions for combined transport and preventing parallel operations and inconsistencies
  • Formulating and regulating measures, criteria and programs for establishing, developing and strengthening professional associations and trade unions
  • High-level supervision of the execution of laws, regulations and codes relevant to the transportation sector
  • Studying and examining the professionalization of the employment system in the transportation and urban planning sectors
  • Monitoring the implementation of the National Comprehensive Transportation Plan
  • Evaluating the performance of sectors related to the sub-sectors of transportation, housing and urban development through establishing a project control system
  • Directing the evaluation of construction plans’ budget spending in the execution of transportation, housing and urban development projects
  • Supervising the construction activities of sub-sectors and providing periodic reports
  • High-level supervision of the implementation of economic, social and cultural development programs in conformity with general State policies and high-level documents in the fields of transportation, housing and urban planning as well as providing periodic reports

Center for Regulation Formulation, Transport Safety, Passive Defense and Crisis management

  • Examining and evaluating policies and executive plans in the field of transportation safety and evaluating necessary measures and results and delineating required feedbacks to be presented to related authorities
  • Examining, proposing and revisingcodes and regulations related to transportation safety and standards with the cooperation of affiliated units and other related organizations in the field of transportation and supervising the implementation of regulations and standards
  • Examining, studying and presenting strategies and adequate indexes in order to prevent and decrease the impacts of natural disasters with regards to the transport sector and evaluating taken measures anddetermining necessary feedback to be presented to related authorities
  • Studying and examining the country’sroads network safety and accident-prone areas and presenting adequate plans to improve the safety
  • Participating in all meetings and conferences concerning road safetyand presenting ideas, solutions and proposals for improving road safety
  • Dealing with the affairs of the Secretariat of the Supreme Councils of Transportation Coordination and Transport’s Technical and Infrastructural Affairs; studying and examining approved plans, arranging meetings of the Council, regulating the minutes of council meetings, notifying and tracking the implementation of approved plans
  • Collecting, evaluating, selecting, analyzing and classifying, archiving and distributing transportation safety information
  • Examining and formulating executive plans of member organizations within the framework of approved plans and strategies relevant to road safety
  • Necessary coordination regarding the activities of the Secretariat of Supreme Council of Transportation Coordination; the Supreme Council of Transport’s Technical and Infrastructural Affairs and the Commission of Road Safety and supervising the implementation of approved acts and reporting to relevant authorities
  • Analyzing and presenting statistical reports concerning transportation safety with the cooperation of related organizations
  • Cooperating, coordinating and exchanging information with corresponding expert secretariats in international organizations and specialized transportation associations
  • Providing and publishing specialized journals and reports in the transportation sector

Bureau of Comprehensive Plan and Transport Modes