20 October 2021
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  • Supervising the preparation and exchange of cost agreements and acquisition of financial and capital assets 
  • Distributing national budget among provinces according to the national strategies in roads and urban planning sectors
  • Coordinating and interacting with the Presidential Department of Planning and Strategic Supervision for exchanging cost agreements and acquiring financial and capital assets 
  • Supervising the legal and penal affairs of the respective Ministry as well as affiliated and provincial units in judicial courts and the Court of Administrative Justice across the country 
  • Presenting general strategies for preparing drafts of bills, acts and bylaws
  • Advising the Minister on legal affairs 
  • Participating in Parliamentary meetings and commissions and responding to the MPs’ queries 
  • Coordinating and supervising the performance of the Boards that address administrative violations of the Ministry and affiliated units’ staff
  • Coordinating and announcing Parliamentary commissions’ programs to relevant units and, if required, participating in Parliamentary meetings
  • Presenting reports on the performance of the Ministry, provincial and affiliated units to specialized commissions of the Parliaments 
  • Coordinating administrative duties and activities of provincial units and directing, supporting and following up to resolve their problems 
  • Following up and receiving periodic reports on the administrative and budgetary performance of provincial projects that use provincial or national budget in order to respond to MPs’ queries
  • Performing other matters delegated by the Minister
The sub-departmental bureaus include:

Bureau of Parliamentary Affairs

  • Providing necessary reports and defending the Ministry’s Acts in the Parliament
  • Participating in Parliamentary Commissions and providing reports on issues relating to the Ministry discussed in the Parliament 
  • Following up received complaints from the Article 90 Commission 
  • Presenting reports on the performance of the Ministry, and affiliated organization and companies to specialized Parliamentary Commissions 
  • Following up and receiving the units’ response to MPs’ correspondences 
  • Organizing MPs’ programs for visiting the Ministry and their meetings with the Ministry’s officials 
  • Receiving MPs’ correspondences, complaints, notices, and requests regarding the activities of the Ministry in various sectors and conveying them to related units 
  • Coordinating the announcement of Parliamentary Commissions’ programs to related units and, if required, participating in Parliamentary meetings
  • Establishing effective contacts between MPs and the Ministry’s officials in order to acquaint the former with the Ministry’s problems and to remedypossible legal vacuums
  • Cooperating and establishing effective contacts with the Research Center, Departments, and other units within the Parliament in case of necessity 

Legal Bureau