20 October 2021
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Bureau of Planning


Bureau of Attracting Investment and Mobilization of Resources


  • Planning in order to attract domestic and foreign individuals and agencies for partnership and investment in transportation, housing and urban planning programs
  • Studying and determining investment priorities in transportation, housing and urban planning sectors
  • Identifying domestic and foreign financial resources and creating an atmosphere to attract them as well as providing relevant databases
  • Creating a constant rapport with banks and financial and credit institutions in order to provide the required financial resources
  • Negotiating and supervising the conclusion of contracts and agreements with domestic and international financial partners and providing necessary funding
  • Drafting investment decrees and obtaining the approval of the Cabinet
  • Negotiating and concluding agreements with international financial agencies and foreign banks, such as the Islamic Bank, World Bank, etc. in order to provide finance for the priority projects
  • Revising existing regulations for investment and proposing corrective amendments to related authorities
  • Proposing to hold domestic and international conferences, seminars and specialized meetings in order to present investment opportunities and obtaining resources and project financing

Bureau of Statistics


Bureau of Budgeting


  • Examining the income sources of the Ministry and affiliated units; combining and consolidating and presenting the budget to the related Presidential Department for approval and insertion into the annual budget law
  • Providing and regulating the Ministry and affiliated units’ annual budget into chapters, programs, plans and sub-sectional projects and consolidating them into the framework of the annual budgetary laws and conveying it to relevant external authorities
  • Obtaining information regarding the budget functions for ministerial bureaus, provincial and affiliated units; examining, analyzing and consolidating them for decision-making by relevant authorities
  • Collecting budgetary information from ministerial bureaus and affiliated units in order to analyze them
  • Collecting information from completed agreement forms from ministerial bureaus and affiliated units, consolidating and analyzing them and providing required analytical reports
  • Creating a database for annual budgetary laws related to construction budget, current budget, revenues, agreements, allocations, as well as projects(completed, ongoing and under study)
  • Examining and comparing the proposed budget with budgetary laws,presenting points of incompatibility and providing required analytical reports
  • Obtaining information regarding exchanged agreements from provinces and providing related reports; maintaining necessary correspondences with the relevant Presidential Department and announcing them to provinces
  • Collecting and consolidating information conveyed from ministerial bureaus, provincial and affiliated units and combining them with information from agreements and program supervision
  • Providing performance reports on national and provincial budget performance and presenting them to the Department for taking necessary measures
  • Obtaining information of exchanged agreements and allocations from bureaus at the ministerial headquarters and affiliated units in order to examine, consolidate and prepare required analytical reports
  • Tracking the allocation of budget from the relevant Presidential Department and distributing the approved budget among plans and projects in ministerial and affiliated units; providing and formulating necessary managerial reports for submission to relevant authorities
  • Obtaining funds for budget functions from the relevant Presidential Department and conveying them to relevant units
  • Obtaining suggestions for amendments to agreements and the budget from ministerial bureaus and provincial and affiliated units and examining, consolidating and finalizing amendment proposals or budget amendments until results are achieved
  • Supervising the provision and formulation of budget functions agreements at the ministerial headquarters as well as affiliated units and tracking them with the cooperation of related units
  • Supervising the provision, regulation and completion of information on plans and construction projects and conveying them to the relevant Presidential Department for evaluation

Center for Information and Communication Technology (FAVA)

To formulate ICT strategic plan in the Ministerial headquarters and provincial units and to revise plans at appropriate time intervals

  • ICT policy-making according to the macro policies of E-government with regard to the promulgated documents, bylaws and acts
  • To illustrate the prospect and determine required strategies to accomplish and implement electronic system in the respective Ministry
  • To make executive dashboard for senior managers of Ministry to access the latest condition of the main activities of the Ministerial headquarters and provincial units
  • To manage users' license to computer systems and to monitor networks traffic
  • To manage implementation of plans based on information technology for teleworking of the staff
  • To manage all internet domains of the Ministerial headquarters and to analyze and design a secure system for the network
  • To offer inter-organizational e-services
  • To lay the foundation and provide facilities to make databases and document center of Ministry and to strengthen information infrastructures to access the latest condition of main activities of the respective Ministry and affiliated units
  • To plan for developing, equipping, supporting, maintaining and efficient use of required hardware and software
  • To predict and design necessary training courses and required specialized skills
  • To implement projects of upgrading computer systems and software
  • To present comprehensive data of network and information security according to the promulgated acts, bylaws, rules and regulations on the part of related authorities
  • To analyze the network and assess security risks in order to design and provide required security equipment and technologies of the network
  • To formulate and promulgate security regulations relating to connecting computers and networks of Ministry to the networks outside organization and to supervise its effective implementation
  • To evaluate competencies of the advisors, contractors etc. to carry out required services
  • Center for Public Relations and Information
  • To implement Government information policies through reflecting and explaining views, policies and programs of the respective Ministry to inform public opinions through mass media
  • To plan for development of electronic communications through website and to update events in roads and urban planning sector
  • To organize and develop news and information gathering system relating to various units affiliated to the Ministry (developing media database)
  • To plan for holding conferences, seminars, and technical, specialized and public fairs and festivals as well as provincial visits relating to different missions of respective Ministry and to examine and facilitate participation of Ministry in such programs
  • To manage and supervise publication affairs relating to the activities of the Ministry in the form of magazine, brochure, catalogue, poster, book etc
  • To organize and develop system of public opinions polls on the activities of the Ministry and to address citizens' requests and respond to all proposed criticisms in mass media
  • Content analysis of news coverage in mass media relating to the performance of Ministry and to convey views to competent authorities
  • To provide and formulate annual programs of public relations
  • activities in the respective Ministry and to communicate and coordinate with affiliated and provincial units in order to align their activities