29 January 2020
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Public Call for Imam Khomeini Airport City New Terminal Design

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The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development (MRUD) and Imam Khomeini Airport City Company (IKAC) have initiated a public call for the design of IranShahr Terminal, the third terminal at the IKIA International airport.

The “My Airport” initiative has been conceived as a way to involve the general public in this development project by proposing designs for the country’s major airport based on their expectations of what an ideal airport should be and as a means of expressing their creativity. Participants can be any individual or legal entities. Ideas proposed by all participants—companies, professional designers, students—are welcome. 

“My Airport” is in line with the priorities that MRUD is pushing for, namely, citizen participation and citizen-oriented development. Interestingly, the new terminal’s name “IranShahr,” and this participatory approach to its design, is a concrete example of the idea put forward by Minister Abbas Akhoundi, which is a call to bring Iranian identity and modern development together in our globalized world. Participants are invited to send their proposals, starting from March 3 to April 9, 2018, in any format they think best presents their ideas.

Participants can submit their proposals in a variety of ways, either by signing up on the website www.MyAirport.ir , sending their proposals via email to idea@myairport.ir or via post to IranShahr Secretary at no. 13, 1st alley, Ghaem Magham Farahani St, Tehran, Iran; and receive a tracking number as confirmation of receipt.

IranShahr Terminal is the third terminal of Imam Khomeini International Airport, currently in the study phase. In its first phase, this terminal will have a total capacity of 25 million passengers annually, which will increase to 100 million passengers per year upon completion of the last phase, making it the largest airport terminal in Iran. 

For further information about My Airport public call go to: http://www.myairport.ir/call-en.html


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