| 14 August 2020
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IKIA Requires Negative COVID-19 Tests for Arriving Air Passengers

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All passengers coming to Imam Khomeini international Airport from August 5 must have proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test not more than 96 hours before boarding their flight to the Imam Khomeini international Airport, said member of the board directors and deputy head of airport operation at IKAC.

As we started to reopen international travels like many countries, we also require a negative Covid-19 test result from Passengers before boarding at Imam Khomeini international Airport, told Mohammadreza Karimiyan to IKAC News.

One of the most important priorities at Imam Khomeini International Airport is control of this virus in the current situation so Passengers with fever will be guided to the airport city's designated medical facilities for anti-coronavirus measures.

“Passengers who have Iranian citizenship will also be tested, if they do not have COVID-19 PCR test resualt, they need to give a COVID test and quarantined for 48 hours until the result of their test determined.They also must be required to pay for the costs of their quarantine”, he mentioned.

"Non-Iranian citizens will not be allowed to enter the country and they will return to their country if they do not have a proof of negative covid-19 test" said member of the board of directors and deputy head of airport operation at IKAC.

According to declaration by health officials in Iran we are increasing surveillance at international entry points and using thermal scanning machines to screen people as they depart daily, he added.


**A version of this article appears on the IKAC Website on August 1, 2020, with the headline:  IKIA requires negative COVID-19 tests for arriving air passengers. Available at https://www.ikac.ir/corporate/en/News-and-Media/News/ikia-requires-negative-covid-19-tests-for-arriving-air-passengers (Accessed: 2 August 2020).




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