| 13 July 2020
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The Fifth Part of Transit Freight of India to Afghanistan Berthed at Chabahar Port

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MRUD NEWS—The fifth part of India's freights  to Afghanistan arrived in Shahid Beheshti Ports of Chabahar on 28 June 2020 and the unloading operation started immediately.

According to Behrouz Aghaie, the head of Ports and Maritime Organization of Sistan and Baluchistan Province, the lastest transit freight of India to Afghanistan arrived is the fifth part. The first to fourth parts of these freight comprising 31000 tons berthed since last three months at this strategic Port. So current loading and unloading process in the Chabahar within 4 months equals to last 15 years's records.

The fifth part of transit freight of India to Afghanistan is 7500 tons in 300 containers.

The previous wheat freights donated from India had been unloaded at Shahaid Beheshti Port in the Oceanic port of Chabahar and after loading transited to Afghanistan through from Milak-Zaranj.




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