09 December 2019
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Iran, Uzbekistan Transport Ties for Expanded Bilateral Relations

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MRUD NEWS—Iran' First Vice President, Isaac Jahangiri,  met Uzbekistan's Prime Minister, Abdulla Aripov,  on the sidelines of the first 'Caspian Economic Forum' held in Turkmenistan on 13 August 2019.

In this mutual meeting, Jahangiri emphasized on the necessity of identifying and removing obstacles to the development of relations between the two countries and added that the two countries' economy can complement each other. In this sense, Iran is ready to enhance its relations and cooperation with Uzbekistan in all related areas.

Jahangiri also informed that Iran is ready to sign Iran-Uzbekistan comprehensive document of transport cooperation and added that both parties should try to remove barriers to trade development so that the comprehensive document of commercial cooperation can also be concluded as soon as possible.

He informed that the expansion of cultural cooperation between Iran and Uzbekistan is a good platform for enhancing mutual cooperation between the two countries. He added that Islamic Republic of Iran has many experiences in cultural fields such as rehabilitation of ancient and historical monuments to offer Uzbekistan.

Remarking that we should try to prevent third parties from interfering in relations between the two countries, the First Vice President stated: "Iran and Uzbekistan share common interests and threats as two important actors in the region and negotiations and cooperation between the two countries on regional security can help stabilize the region".

Referring to the terrorism and extremism in the region, Uzbekistan Prime Minister also noted that: "We must promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation to eliminate extremism in the region".

"The level of cooperation and trade between the two countries has increased in recent months compared to the same period in the last year, but still the potentials of the two countries are not fully utilized, Abdulla Aripov said.

He described transport ties as an important area for the development of Tehran-Tashkent relations and said that: "the two countries' economies should complement each other and I hope with holding Joint Commission on cooperation in the near future, we will witness the expansion of relations between the two countries".

Uzbek Prime Minister stressed on the necessity of developing cultural cooperation between the two countries and called for taking advantage of Iran's capacities in renovating and rehabilitation of ancient heritage as well as in teaching the Persian language.


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