09 December 2019
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Iran Transport Minister Attends Joint Ministerial Forum of Five Coastal Nations of the Caspian Sea

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MRUD NEWS—Ira's  Minister of Roads and Urban Development visited Turkmenistan to deliver speech in the "joint ministerial forum of five coastal nations of the Caspian Sea for development of cooperation", to attend the "Caspian Economic Forum", and also to take part in the "summit for prospects of transport cooperation in the Caspian sea" on 12 and 13 August 2019.

In this two-day visit, Mohammad Eslami will have bilateral meetings with transport ministers of the coastal nations of the Caspian Sea on the sideline of thses events.

In this trip, deputy ministers and representatives from the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Commerce, Iran Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs will accompany Eslami in his visit to Turkmenistan.


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