09 December 2019
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Comprehensive Agreement for Iran-Russia Joint Transport Cooperation Signed

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MRUD News—Following the 10th Summit of the Task Force for Iran-Russia Joint Transport Cooperation held on 16-18 June 2019, the protocol finalized which will open a new chapter in bilateral cooperation between Iran and Russia.

The protocol is signed between representatives of the two countries,  Shahram Adamnejad, Iran's Deputy Transport Minister, and Vladimir Tokarev, Russia's Deputy Transport Minister in Isfahan.

Within the framework of the agreement, heads of Iran-Russia Joint Economic Cooperation Commission expressed hope over electrification of Garmsar-Incheon Railway in near future.

Also formation of regional associations with the aim of launching different parts of north-south corridor between its neighboring countries was emphasized by Iran Minister of Energy and of Russia Minister of North Caucasus Affairs.

On the multimodal transport and North-South Transport Corridor (NSTC), formation of new bilateral and multilateral international associations with orientation of Iran and Russia was agreed. These associations as joint companies would pave the way for commercialization of all NSTC routes including East and West of the Caspian Sea. Therefore, the meetings of the committee to follow up the approvals of 7th coordinating councils of NSTC in Moscow in near future simultaneous with bilateral and multilateral regional meetings for formation of new associations are the first step forward.

 Adamnejad pointed to the importance of close and constant interactions of Iran and Russia for realization of these goals and added that "besides commercialization of all routes of the corridor, new transit routes for accessing eastern and western neighbors of Iran will be provided for Russia and this transit network will be operational through linking logistic centers of Iran and Russia".

On port and maritime cooperation, he added that "launching constant shipping lines between ports of Iran and Russia in the Caspian Sea to transfer container freights, wagons, and passengers is necessary that will be realized by next year. We hope that within the next months, the MoUs on identification of seafarer license would be signed.

On road transport cooperation, he expressed hope over using GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) as pilot in Iran.

On air transport cooperaton, Adamnejad expressed satisfaction over facilitating the visa issuance for the aircrew.

Other infrastructural projects including electrification of Sarakhs-Bandar Abbas, Tehran-Tabriz railway, construction of second part of Bafgh-sangan, and the rail route of Chabahar-Zahedan-Birjand, as well as producing wagons can among other grounds for mutual cooperation.


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